2019 Donors

Special thanks to all of you who have made a donation, participated in a fundraising event, or volunteered. We count on the financial and in-kind support of individuals, businesses, and charitable foundations to grow to meet the ever-changing needs in Johnson County.

Below is a list of the individuals and organizations who have made generous contributions in 2019.  Go here to see the impact your gift has made. Thank you!

Christine O’Brien

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Black & Veatch Foundation
Carol and Fred Logan

CPS Foundation, Inc.
Asher and Audrey Langworthy
Louis and Elizabeth Nave Flarsheim Charitable Foundation
Metropolitan Community Colleges
Marcia Rinehart
Washburn University

Walmart Foundation

Bank of Blue Valley in Partnership with the Regnier Family Foundation
Dollar General Literacy Foundation
Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area, Inc.
Michael C. Kirk Foundation
McCownGordon Construction, LLC
R.A. Long Foundation
Stinson LLP
Village Presbyterian Church

Ash Grove Charitable Foundation
Baker & Taylor
Bill and Anne Blessing
Campbell Family Foundation
Friends of the Johnson County Library
Mark and Nancy Gilman
Tyler and Hope Harms
Rick and Denise Mills
PGAV Architects
Suzanne Shutz
Dale and Vickie Trott
West Star Development

Randall and Penny Burdge
Michael and Carmel Carothers
Charles and Virginia Clark
Cosentino Food Store
Creative Planning, Inc.
Jim and Anna Deberry
Garmin International, Inc.
Giving Group KC
J.E. Dunn Construction Company
Joan and Bert Berkley Blue Heron Foundation
Midwest Tape
Audrey Pollard
Marjorie Sams
Sapp Design Associates Architects, P.C.
Stepp and Rothwell, Inc.
The Clark Enersen Partners
The Nelson Gallery Foundation
Turner Construction Co.
Bryce and Ann Walter

Phil and Gail Acuff
Chris Anderson and Lyn Buckley
Gary and Lynne Brown
James and Juanita Cannon
Richard and Morgan Cook
Fred DeSieghardt
Zack and Susan Hangauer
Lowenstein Family SF – “C” Reserve Fund of the JCC of GKC
Maureen McGinty
Olathe Public Schools
Burton and Barbara Smoliar
Greg and Stephanie Stollsteimer
Tension Envelope Foundation

Nancy Hupp
William and Maureen Berkley
Carolyn Pitts
Robert and Beverly Potty
David and Jane Ross
Betty R. Anderson
Brad Korris Painting
Hollis + Miller Architects
IBossWell, Inc.
Johnson County Community College Foundation
Kansas Gas Service
Law Offices Dysart Taylor Cotter McMonigle and Montemore, P.C.
Nitin Pai
Park University-Lenexa Campus
Prosser Wilbert Construction, Inc.
Tuck and Susan Spaulding
UMB Bank
Bryan and Linda Johnson

Emily Berkley
John and Kay Callison
Eileen Duggan
Dolores Furtado
Cynthia Gibson
Johnson County Bar Foundation
Kansas Humanities Council, Inc.
Dennis and Carol Lawlor
Mary Maughn
Sam and Billie McCormick
Jim and Ann McGraw
Tom and Donna Mertz
Michelle Mosher
Bill and Leigh Anne Neal
John and Mary O’Connor
John and Fern Rosenberg
Raffaele and Christina Sadun
Mike Schaadt and Brenda Edwards
Randell Sedlacek
The Andrews Family Foundation
Robert and Mary Tyson

Erwin and Phyllis Abrams
Erik and Heather Anderson
Melissa Arroyo
Mary Birch
Chip and Deb Buckner
Sean and Susie Casserley
City of Kansas City, Missouri
John and Ruby Foret
Robert and Mary Fry
Harold and Judy Godwin
Steve and Kristin Hansen
Bill and Kerry Hartnett
Jason and Jenny Hascall
Michael and Kathleen Hess
Heather Hussey
Patrick Johnston
Adrienne Kilbride
Paul and Suzanne Koontz
George Langworthy
Chris and Bonnie Limbird
John and Mary Lynam
Erica Massman
Rob and Caroline McKnight
John and Ellen Miller
Don and Norma Moeller
Andrea Munger
Sara O’Connell
Charles and Jane Olsen
Mike and Janice Perkins
Thomas Platt
Robert and Deborah Reiman
Larry and Erica Reynolds
Jon and Polly Robertus
John and Amy Ruo
Jangbir and Sandra Sangha
Curt Seifert
Leonard and Jill Singer
Carol Smith
Tricia Suellentrop
Janice Vartuli
Charles and Valerie Vogt
Ken Werne
David and Kathy Wysong

Mary Annelle Baker
Karl and Gail Becker
Rachel Berbiglia and Geoff Allison
Judy Bukowski
Peter and Joan Cabell
Mike and Ava Christie
Jack and Valerie Clark Jr.
James and Carolyn Clemons
Copaken Family Foundation
John and Carol Cowden
Jay and Kit Culver
Jennifer and Matthew Curtiss
Randall and Helen Duncan
Ed and Janice Eilert
Jesse Eiskina
Larry and Sandra Engelkemier
Linda Filby-Fisher
John and Tara Gatti
Amy Goldstein and Barry Dicker
Dave and Kerry Gordon
Bill Graham
Bethany Griffith
Robyn and Kelly Hart
David and Joan Hax
Barbara Head
Carl and Lauren Helmstetter
Barnett and Shirley Helzberg
Diane Hodges
Robert Jochem
Russell and Susan Johnson
James and Jen Jordan
Sandra Jurani
Kathleen Kerr
Michael and Jane Kreiter
James and Jennifer Lane
Shamita Mahajan
Paul and Karen Marx
Mary McCoy
Stephanie Meyer
Sally Milgram and Saul Honigberg
Heather Miller
Erin Murray
Bruce and Shirley Musgrave
Steve and Angela O’Kane
Manuel and Lillian Gonzalez- Pardo
Jay and Ellen Portnoy
Michael and Usha Rafferty
Karen Ristau
Dan and Sherri Robeson
Cynthia Robinson
Lewis and Cheryl Roht
Jeanne Rooney
Robin and Doris Royals
Ken Sabatini
Jere Sellers
Michelle Serra and Brad Tompkins
Amber Bourek Slater
Audrey Snyder
Danielle Stebbins
Alan Stone
Ben and Shannon Sunds
The Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City
The Kansas City Public Library
Maury and Angie Thompson
Amanda Vega-Mavec
Bryan and Erica Voell
Craig and Elizabeth Wakeman
Joe and Nancy Waters
Fallon Williams
Mike and Candy Yakimo

Ernest Adelman
Virgil and Delores Albertini
Thomas Allen
Walter Aucott
Sydney Backstrom
Erica Bakota
Tom and Tricia Bath
Judie Becker
Harry and Mary Bognich
Donald and Lucinda Booz
Wendi Born
James Brewer
Tom and Kathy Busch
Michelle Butler
Stan and Peggy Chappell
David Chelan
Sidney and Catherine Collins
John and Deidre Conley
Steven Cowen
Donn and Sylvia Crilly
Jo Denton
Paul and Sherry Diederich
Terry and Peggy Dunn
Eileen Dunnell
Sandra Eveloff
Michael and Valinda Fisher-Hobson
Josephine Foote
Sheri Fox
Judy Fox
Elizabeth Frost
Christopher and Carrie Ginn
Rakesh Goyal
Lewis and Laura Gregory
Patty Grove
Anita Grow
Christi Haines
Paula Hammer
Janee’ and David Hanzlick
Gerald and Wendy Hardy
Kristin Harrison Taylor
Mel and Alice Hawk
George and Cathy Hess
Jean Hiersteiner
Francis and Claire Hogarty
Jo Ella Hoye
Thomas and Ashley Huber
Barbara Hurst
Marion Jacques
Skip and Saundra Johnson
John and Ann Kenney
Abby Kepka
Lynn and Ann Kindred
Patti Klinge
Russell and Donna Lauffer
Ruth Leiter
Kenneth and Sandra Lerner
Shirley Lytle
Patty and Scott Mach
John and Eileen Manning
Graham and Helen Marcott
Reginald Marselus
Lauren Martin
Roger McMahan
James and Diana McPhail
Michael and Sharon Milens
Peggy Miles and Phill Fry
Kathleen Moeller
Terry and Margaret Mullett
Ruth Munger
Sheree Murphy
Greg Musil
Chris and Barbara Nichols
William J. and Ruth Nowack
Bernard and Marion O’Neill
William Ottens
Carole Paramore
Elinore Penner
Bill and Allene Plant
Daniel Pontarelli
Joseph and Wanda Porter
Nicholas and Mary Ann Powell
Angela Rabin
Courtney Ramlow
Ann Renne
Michael and Laurel Rogovein
Anabelle and Marlin Rueb
Nancy Sandoval
Angela Schafer
Paula Schwach
Georgia Sizemore
Stephanie Smith
Melinda Speak
Bob and Marilyn Spies
Rise Strasser
Super Family Foundation
Margaret Thomas
Wyatt and Roderick Townley
Patrick and Kathy Townsend
Stefanie Vaughan
Robert and Sandra Wahoff
Samuel and Ruth Wellman
Beth Welsh and Barry Haldiman
Carol Whelan
Angela Wilt
Cara Windsor
Robert and Janice Woods
Jeffrey Wright
Steve Zuk

Up to $99
Gary and Mary Adams
Alice Algie
AmazonSmile Foundation
Paula Arensman
Tom and Joleen Arnhold
Becky Atkinson
Steph Atwater
Melissa Baldwin
Jasmine Baudler
Carlton and KarenBeckstrom
Meredith Bell
Caroline Betzler
Brandi Blackburn
Michael Boehm
Micha and Tonya Booe
James and Constance Bowers
Dorothy Boyer
Suzanne Bremser
John and Diane Brent
Janelle Brockus
Phil and Barbara Brown
Peggy Brown
Harvey and Cathy Buckley
Jackie Burns
Stanley and Paula Burnstein
Cathleen Butler
Roger Calvert
Alice Capson
Diane Carlisle
Robin Carol
Staci Carson
Richard M. and Donna S. Childs
City of Overland Park
James Clark
Frank Cockrell
David Coleman
Deborah Collins
Joe and Pat Collins
Pamela Colson-Gottstein
Christie Courville
Mary Cummings
Mary Dalsing
Bob and Debra Dameron
Bradley Debrick
Shanta Dickerson and Howard Swafford
Jan Dorrett
Angela Drake
Daniel and Janet Dubrava
Rupert Duane Dunn
Rita Einspahr
Henry and Mary Elder
Rick and Becky Epperson
Eric Epperson
Christine Evans Hands
Kate Favrow
Jonathan Ferrell
Helen Fisher
Sollie Flora
Fawn Flores
Jane and John Garrison
Jan Gephardt
Elizabeth Gessley
Rita Glick
Kara Glover Endicott
George and Suzanne Gordon
Alison Graettinger
Joan Grant
Timothy and Johna Grayson
Leisl Green
Lacie Griffin
Becky Gunn
Nicoya Helm and Shawn Tolivar
Judy Henry
Ralph and Mary Anne Hile
Helen Hokanson
William and Jane Hulett
Bill and Marguerite Humenczuk
Heidi Hurst
Jennifer Ingraham
Mavin Jackson
Erica Jackson
Pat Jacobs
Harrison and Kelsey Jones
Carol Jones
Nancy Kalikow Maxwell
Katherine Kaltenbach
Stephen Kelm
Rachelle King
Kenneth Kinsey
Whitney Kleinmann
James and Laura Knapp
Rachel Krantz and Edward Goldstein
Tom and Michelle Kreiser
Bruce and Gabriella Kusko
Art and Marianne Lafex
Eric and Lindsay Lau
Jane Lee
Jennifer Lewis
Rees Linn
Marjorie Lundy
Kip and Victoria Lynch
Jane Mallonee
Gary and Deborah Mance
Jen Marrs
Lindsay Martin
Ellen McCarthy
Melissa McCray
Kathryne McIntyre
Michael and Kathy McLellan
H. Virginia McLoughlin
Wayne and Barbara Meek
Diane and John Meek II
Christopher Meier
Roger and Zoann Merryfield
Janice Meulmester
Doug Miller
Martha Mitchell
La Doone Mullen
David and Beatrice Muller
Rusty and Lucinda Munyan
Nancy and Robert Nelson
Fielding and Janice Norton
Marianne Notley and Robert McAnany
Scott and Carla Oppenheimer
Eugenia Ortiz
Edith and Richard Pentecost
Richard and Kimberly Perkins
Lyla Perrodin
Kathryn Peters
Billie Platt
John Rasmus
Francis and Lillian Reichart
Gretchen Rein
Dennis Ross
Royals Charities, Inc.
Ruth Sciubba
Wilson Siemens
Diana Spriggs
Angie Steffensmeier
Stanley Stern
Priscilla Subramaniyam
Alan and Mary Lou Sunkel
Jack and Mary Lynn Swafford
Fred and Sandy Tebbenkamp
Jo Anne Thomas
Ann Thomas and Roger Lambson
Marvin and Sandra Tobis
Barbara Tomassi
Evelyn Torkildson
Bradley and Barbara Warady
Adam Wathen
Elizabeth Watkins
Margaret Wheeler-Ross
Matthew and Denise Wiesenberg
Marcia Wilcoxen
Charles and Susan Wilson
Patricia Winegardner
Charles Wittig
Lisa Woodruff
Carrie Worth
Edmond and Shirley Young

Your investment in Johnson County Library generates a 300% return.