Foundation Stories

Every now and then, in the life of a non-profit organization, individuals become involved who hold that organization in such high esteem, they go above and beyond to lend their support. The Johnson County Library is fortunate to have two such individuals: Carol and Fred Logan.

Carol and Fred have given decades of dedication and support to the Library and in 2019 they took it one more step. They asked if they could make a lead gift to establish a fund to benefit the Library well into the future. The result of their interest is the establishment of a new fund, The Johnson County Library Leadership Fund.

This fund will provide financial support to enhance leadership development opportunities for Johnson County Library staff. The Logans believe that the Johnson County Library staff is the finest in the United States and leadership development is essential for growth into the future.

Carol and Fred’s lead gift will do just that. Lead the way for other donors to join in this significant philanthropic initiative. In fact, the JCL Foundation board of directors voted to match the lead gift one-to-one and so the total of the fund to date is $120,000. The Johnson County Library Leadership Fund will be an endowed fund to last in perpetuity. To make a donation to add to the fund, please contact Teresea Simpson, [email protected].

Your investment in Johnson County Library generates a 300% return.