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Why I Give: Erwin Abrams

I come from a family of readers of books, magazines, newspapers and in the last many years e-books and compact discs. Yet, I was shocked and captivated when my oldest brother took me by the hand to enter our local public library for the very first time, at age 6.

I was seeing a magical world inside those doors in Minneapolis! How could there be so many books, so many subjects in this wondrous world?!

I have not lost my sense of awe every time I visit what is a sacred space. Where else do all citizens, regardless of income or station in life, have the opportunity to learn, to enjoy, to bask in the pure joy of our wonderful libraries? And they are free! How vital it is to our community to nurture inquisitiveness, improve literacy, and to be part of community.

My wife and I give in order to preserve that child’s sense of awe, that adult’s resource for research, that senior citizen’s place of quiet and safety.  We give because strengthening community means strengthening America.

And we give because we feel good about building Johnson County.

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